Monday, December 26, 2011

what Big B said to me today

Dear Amitabh,
The photo of the Sunday well-wishers (posted to Twitter) was a little scary. I’m still amazed by the Sunday crowds that come to pay you their respects.
I don’t really celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, but I do exchange a few gifts with particular friends at my workplace (a small school). As the recipients were all women, I have what I often give, which is the handwrought jewelry I’ve designed and made as a hobby for the past nine years or so. I wear my own jewelry every day, and it’s become commonplace to me to wear something I’ve made, not bought. So I was surprised at how strongly my friends reacted to their homemade gifts, how moved they were to receive something I had made myself.
I didn’t quite get it until I received a homemade gift in return: a jar of the most delicious tomato chutney. I kept thinking to myself, “It’s so fantastic that Lee made this, it was so wonderful to get something she made herself, she’s so thoughtful…” And then I realized why those seven or eight women were so happy with their earrings and necklaces. It’s a good feeling to give something of yourself, and a good feeling to create. It reminds me of who I am.
With love,

ab says:
jennifer … homemade gifts are the best … well done on your hand made jewelry

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