Friday, December 16, 2011

good...and bad

Well, "bad" is my ongoing concern with privacy and money.  I did decide to keep a second blog where I can rant and rave anonymously about those things that are both bothering me and attracting me too much.  And I have a second, private email address, and have been making use of "private browsing" at home, as not to leave an electronic paper trail.  Never thought I'd have to be so cautious about privacy as regards my spouse, but apparently he likes to look in on what I do and to take things the wrong way.  Really, really not good, as far as marriage goes.  I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of different points of view on this, but I think everyone needs some privacy even married couples.  For the record, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong that I require privacy, at least not at the moment.  But perhaps some thoughts and ideas should be kept private.

The money situation got a little worse because Barry fucked up on paying Verizon (which provides our phone, internet, and TV).  I let him pay the bills, which are three per month (Verizon, gas, and electric), and generally total around $300.  I knew he had not been paying Verizon in full (which I don't like -- I had been encouraging him to pay a little more than the minimum to eventually get the bill paid down to zero).  He assured me that he was paying the minimum to keep our service -- except he wasn't.  So I got home on Wednesday and the phone, internet, and TV were all turned off, and we had to cough up around $400 to get them back.  This is about the worst unexpected financial hit we've taken since I had to replace the dead computer, and it happened right at payday.  So I have to look forward to an entire month of not having enough.  Had to cancel New Year's with Jannah ($60 in train fare), any hopes of seeing a doctor ($30 co-pay), and may have to quit therapy, at least for now.  I tried to cancel dinner with Robin tonight but she said she'd pick up the tab.

The good news is this:  with all of the running around on Twitter etc, @astroshiva recommended this blog as a good source of Bollywood info, which is very flattering to me.  I consider myself a rank beginner.

So I ought to say something about the first half of Yaarana, which I watched last night.  (It's so hard to watch any more than half of a three-hour movie on a weeknight!)  I had been anxious to see this for a bit -- Netflix had it, but the subtitles were off by about three lines (that is, the title would come on three lines later than the bit it was translating), so I had to stop.  I ended up having to buy a DVD.  And it was well worth it.  For one thing, Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi do the singing.  Also, I liked the themes of solid friendship and wicked family, and the fact that Amitabh plays both a country bumpkin and a talented singer.  (He really is wonderful at playing a bumpkin.  I'd like to see him do more comedy, though he has done some awfully funny TV commercials in recent years.)  I like Amjad Khan as the friend-for-life. And although I wasn't sure that the tag from my old friend, Go Meera Go, was from an actual song, it seems it is:  Sara Zamana from Yaarana.  There you go.  So now I know all four songs from the medley, and where each one comes from. Kaike Paan Banaraswala" from Don, "Pag Gungru" from Halak Namaal, "Rang Barse" from Silsilla, and "Sara Zamana" from Yaarana.  So maybe I do know a thing or two about Bollywood -- at least about Amitabh and about Hrithik Roshan's weird thumbs.

I really need a subtitled copy of Sholay.  Have not been able to find one online, and it's not a good month to buy one on eBay...which I might do anyway.

I am honestly not finding a whole lot of friendliness so far in the BW fan community, and that's a shame.  Maybe I'm still too new.  Someone reached out on Twitter to see if I was the same person from the blog, and I responded, then didn't hear from her again.  You'd think the other nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn would like to do the secret handshake, but no.  Maybe she's not so nice. Maybe she doesn't like not being the only one of her kind.  Can't say -- it's in her head, not mine. But I never do like feeling snubbed.
I think this will be a weekend to make jewelry -- not just for holiday gifts, but for some piece of mind.  I do need to be creating again.

When I start to follow, say, a certain actor, it's not just about appreciating someone his art, it's about growing my own.  It's about being inspired.  So, let's check out that inspiration this weekend, shall we?

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