Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of the year

Nice party at Robin's last night.  Re-met some of her friends, and a couple of new ones.  She served some nibbles and then some more substantial food; I could live forever on tostones with a dab of dill sour cream and a piece of nova (lox) on top.  (Non-Americans:  tostones are plantains, a banana-like fruit but less sweet -- the slices are fried, smashed to discs and then fried again.  Lox is smoked salmon.

I enjoyed the folks there, although there was one woman who seemed a touch obsessed with her ex-dog -- that is, the dog her ex-boyfriend got when they still lived together.  I love my cats, but I don't think I ever talk more than a few minutes about them.  I swear I heard  20 minutes+ about Buford the French bulldog.

I love where they're living now, in Crown Heights.  It's a typical changing neighborhood these days, bodegas and organic health food stores.  It's another one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods that's cycled around: a Jewish neighborhood where my mother and Robin's were both born; an uneasy mix of Orthodox Jews and and African-Americans (occasionally causing riots and big crime stories when one group came into conflict with the other); and now, gentrifying.  Any neighborhood with beautiful old building stock will eventually be reclaimed; if the neighborhood has become run-down, it will be cleaned up, and soon enough...unaffordable.

At home, I couldn't figure out what movie I wanted to watch, so I watched snips of a few.  Saw a bit of Don 2.  Shah Rukh Khan seems to be encroaching on Tom Cruise/Jean-Claude Van Damme territory, and I predict we will end up being Bruce Willis.  I don't feel bad about making these American comparisons because someone is trying to internationalize him and turn him into a worldwide action star.  Ra.One didn't quite manage it.

Then I moved on to what I hope is the worst movie Amitabh ever made:  Shahenshah.  It's an unbelievably cheesy masked-avenger sort of movie, a superhero without powers.  He does have a lock of silver hair and a leather jacket with a bulletproof metal arm.  His daytime identity is as a goofy, corrupt cop (these sort of characters are often identified by their chewing paan, a mild stimulant made of betel leaf and a few other substances.  This was Amit-ji's return to films after his 1984-87 political career, and he looks a little puffy, and the movie is very old-fashioned for 1984,  Behold, Shahenshah:

Then I abandoned this movie and rewatched some of Buddah Hoga Tera Baap.  It put Go Meera Go into a little more perspective, as the character of Vijuu is supposed to be something of a dandy.  Hence, the clothes.  This time, he seemed to me to look a little better in the video, as it sat within the movie.  I want to rewatch the rest and see Hema Malini again.  She's probably my favorite of his leading ladies.

In 2012:  kinder to myself and my body (diet and exercise).  Less quick to judge people, especially negative judgment.  Kinder to others.  Learn and grow.  Happy new year to all of you.

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