Wednesday, December 7, 2011

bad smells, odd hair and unusual fingers

I've mentioned that our downstairs neighbor, John, died about a month ago.  What still remains, alas, is a dreadful smell in the building.  He was probably only dead in his apartment for a few days, but this is my first experience with having had someone die in a small apartment building (three floors, six apartments in all), and I (fortunately) had no experience with this smell of death.  It's something like bad body odor mixed with something a little worse.  It's sad, plus it's just plain awful.  Carmine, the landlord, hung a pine Christmas wreath on the front door (right next to the door to Johnny's apartment), and while I think it was done for seasonal reasons, it did cut the smell a lot.  But it's not gone, and though it's dissipated a good deal, what's left is equally unpleasant on every floor.  Where we live on three is just as bad as it is on one.  A neighbor on two put a container of some kind of odor-absorber right outside her door, the kind of thing you'd put next to a cat box.  But even in a weakened state, the smell is still there, all over the building; I smell it every time.  At least it's not in our apartment.  It's not a good reminder of Johnny; it's a bad reminder of his sad end.

I started a second blog on another site, but I haven't really posted.  I'm not sure I really need another place to write, if you add up this blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, and the comments section on Amit-ji's blog (I add at least a short comment pretty much every day).  I also do have people to talk to -- Barry, my friends, and particularly my analyst.  Between it all, most bases are covered.  But not all of them, and not all together, and not all written.  Obviously, my analytic session once a week is where I can get out the most sensitive stuff, but I guess I feel the need to write that all down, too.  Where to find the time to do that, in addition to stuffing down three-hour movies?

Dribs and drabs of B-wood nonsense:  I finally did see a missing-link picture today, a photo of Amit-ji between his younger bushy-haired period and his present suspect coif.  His hair did get thin, his hairline did recede a bit, and though the picture I saw wasn't dated, it looks to me like the mid/late-80s, which is when he gave up film for several years and I guess wasn't photographed much.  There are differing opinions as to what exactly is on his head now:  transplant, weave, or piece/wig.  I sometimes think I see what appear to be hairpiece lines, that spot where the purchased hair meets the natural hair badly.  But by in large, he seems to have better-than-average hair replacement.

Drib #2:  Amit-ji had an accident in the early 80s where a firecracker went off in his left hand.  It had to do with the Diwali holiday, though I can't remember if it was an actual celebration or one in a movie.  He had some surgeries on it and apparently he can use it, but I found a picture today that showed it pretty clearly, and he seems to be missing the last digits on all four fingers.

Drib #3:  on the other hand, the popular and handsome Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has an extra thumb on his right hand.  It is weird as hell.  Doesn't make him any less handsome (ditto, of course, for Amit-ji's hair and hand), but it's peculiar-looking for sure.  I'll try to take a little time to post pictures from home.

Oh, one more thing:  I finally found a source for mp3's of filmi music, and I've crammed by mp3 player with it.  (I have a Sansa Fuze which I love dearly.)  I was curious to see how much I like the music without the visuals (or, as they call it in Bollywood films, the "picturizations").  I like it very well so far.

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