Wednesday, December 14, 2011

not too happy

I put up a post yesterday that was too private; one person saw it before I took it down.  However, it was the one person who would have been upset by it, and he was.  So much for pushing the limits of a public blog.

In general, though, I seem to be accumulating a reasonable readership, though I don't get comments or feedback.  Maybe everyone just likes watching the clips.

I was home yesterday with a touch of sciatica - well, more than a touch.  And seeing a chiropractor is a pipe dream.  My insurance charges a $50 co-pay, although my chiropractor only charges $45 to see him without insurance.  Still, too much money.

I've been watching things other than Bollywood for the past few days.  It was getting a little rich for my blood; or perhaps over-the-line obsessive. 

Still trying to figure what to do with this urge to be creative or to reach out.  I always think about writing - lots of folks think I should - but there's no book here.  There's just no book.  There never has been.  The things I know well are too boring to me, and/or too obvious.  I would have to write about something I know but which isn't me and isn't my life.  I don't know if such a thing exists, at least in my head.  Maybe my brain just doesn't stretch enough.

I'm almost done with the new Stephen King book, 11/22/63, and it's been awfully good so far -- just curious about how he ends it.  Not sure what I'm going to read next, but probably non-fiction.  I like to switch back and forth...unless I'm gorging myself on a single author, as I did with the Preston/Childs "Pendergast" books.  But I'll probably "flip" through the Kindle and see what's around.  I'm only carrying a small number of my books on the Kindle now...if you can call 500 "small."  I have easily 1,500 more stored on my computer at home.  Too many on the Kindle makes it a little sluggish.  And when I charge it, I do trade books around.

It's payday today, and I feel like I'm already out of money.  Most of it's spent by the time it gets here:  bills, Metrocard, analysis, and some paying back (for instance, our pharmacist lets us slide until payday).  It really depresses me, especially because I always want to be able to have a little treat, buy a little something...and it's not gonna happen.  Or if it does, we'll be short.  Things would work a lot better if I weren't the only one employed in the family.

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