Friday, December 30, 2011

end of week

It looks like this week will end well, after I started it off feeling somewhat resentful that I had to work on Monday.  Monday was the legal holiday for Christmas, and no one was working; this place was dead.  It's true I had been a bit behind the week before.  I'd taken off two sick days over two weeks, which is very unusual, but I had a bit of sciatica on one of the days, and the second was simply a small collapse due to stress.  This week was very quiet at work and I am entirely caught up, so I'm going to see if I can take Monday.  On Tuesday, my last summer's intern, Sarah, is coming back; she very graciously offered to work here during January, before her new school term starts, so she'll be in Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  My interns tend to get jobs like filing and copying and scanning and updating lists in the computer.  My projects tend to be a little more complex, plus I do a lot of what I call "fielding batted balls" -- that is, responding to phone calls and (mostly) emailed questions and requests.  One needs to know a lot about this place to do the "fielding," and I try to get to every bit of it very promptly.  When I get in every morning, I generally have anywhere from 15-60 emails waiting for me (low number during summer break, high one early in the semester).

There's a personal advantage for me to sitting in front of a computer most of the day.  I'm able to take a few minutes and do something like this, or some bit of research, checking home email, looking at Twitter, and seeing Amitabh's blog posts almost as soon as they are up.

And speaking of Amitabh's blog -- there's an NYC resident among the EF, her name is Rochelle, and she recently posted about a Raj Kapoor film festival coming up at MOMA.  She has kindly offered to go with me, as I get a $5 ticket price (as opposed to $12) as the guest of a member.  It'll be nice to meet her, too -- don't know how many of us there are in NYC.

In general, I seem to be on the radar of at least some of the EF, and some have mentioned me and had nice things to say.

Robin is having a new year's eve eve party tonight, which is pretty much all I have planned for the weekend.  I haven't seen her new apartment yet (though I think she's been there a year) -- so much for both of us living in Brooklyn!  It is a bit of a pain to get from my house to hers, since we're on opposite sides of Brooklyn (I'm in Gravesend and she's in Crown Heights, bordering Prospect Heights).  I have to take one train toward the city and then another one back.  It's probably been two years since I saw any of her friends, so I'm sure I won't remember anyone.  (After visiting Jannah around twice a year for around nine years, I finally know her friends fairly well -- at least I can remember all their names and how she knows them!)

My analyst seems to think that I am not out-of-line obsessed with all-things-Bollywood...or I think that's what she thinks.  I have to kind of figure that out from the questions she asks, which is very typical of psychoanalysis.  They ask questions to help you to talk about the issues, and the questions are very well-aimed to get you to the desired topic.

However:  it is very difficult to get an actual answer from an analyst.  Extreme example:  when I walked in on Tuesday, before we had started the session, I asked, "How were your holidays?"  Her response:  "How do you think my holidays were?"  (If you are in analysis, I hope you are laughing your ass off at that one.)

I think it's great that some people are starting to come to this blog because of their interest in Hindi film.  I hope the other topics don't seem too weird to you.  Hang around, and there will surely be more Bollywood content.

Which reminds me:  I sent that Jugtar Singh clip to a few people who aren't necessarily Indian film fans, and they adored Jugtar. Gretchen said she would watch him interviewing anyone.

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