Friday, December 9, 2011


Even if Barry does think that Bollywood movies are good for me, it doesn't mean I don't have an unhealthy obsession.  But I'm starting to learn that I'm not necessarily the best judge of my mental state -- it came to me via analysis, which would mean I'm spending my money wisely. 

I've mentioned, I think, that I enjoy reading AB's blog and that there's a community of around 300 people who are daily commentors.  (The interface here marks the latter word as misspelled with either -er or -or.)  And I'm starting to see some really icky obsessiveness there.  I think that the people who call him "a god" need to get a life, or perhaps a more conventional god.  And there are clearly some women who are very much in love with him, or think they are; crushes aren't a dreadful thing, but sharing them with strangers, and particularly with the object of the crush, seems weird to me.  Some of it makes me kind of queasy, and some of it makes me feel sorry for the people involved.  AB is kind to and patient with them all, but I wonder what he really thinks about some of those folks.  If he's truly as spiritual as he seems, maybe he doesn't judge them -- which would make him a way better person than I.

That having been is a recent find on YouTube:

I think this is really funny, and the ponytail is kind of cute.

And one more:

This is an actual American-style music video, not a movie clip.  Adnan Sami is a Canadian of Pakistani descent, I believe, and living in Mumbai.  I have no idea what this song means, but I like it and the two of them are cute together.

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