Sunday, January 29, 2012

well, I decided

I decided to do a small, special line for the Village Scandal.  The woman had said she was interested in a necklace like the one I was wearing, but in a choker length.  I made one, I'll make two more.  Then I came up with an earring where I put about a dozen beads on headpins, put them on a jumpring, then chain and an earring hook.  Kind of a play on a 1960s cocktail earring.  Since this store does a lot of vintage-look stuff, it should be perfect.  Made four pair of the earrings, and I think I'll make one more, and maybe one for myself.  I've done that style some, only without the chain.

Apart from making four pair of earrings this weekend, I watched The Dirty Picture and Senna and a few episodes of Downton Abbey.

Downtown Abbey:  had to see what all the fuss was about. Dear Lord, it's Upstairs Downstairs again, and with Maggie Smith in it!  You had me at "Ring for tea"!

The Dirty Picture was probably one of the better mainstream Hindi films of 2011.  Vidya Balin was excellent, and I always like Naseeruddin Shah; I actually know him from western movies too.  It's awards season over there, too, of course, so you get a pretty good idea of what was mainstream in the past year.  (Also, I watched those Indian showbiz programs on Saturday morning, and that's all they're ever pushing.)  So, there'll be a lot of prizes for films and people in films like Don 2, Ra.One, Bodyguard, Desi Boyz, and so on.  Vidya Balin should win some prizes and there were a couple of first-rate songs in The Dirty Picture.  But it's gonna be all Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Where was I? Dirty Picture.  Some of the plot was just really bizarre, and I find that in a lot of Indian movies.  Sometimes I must be missing something...other times, it's probably just bizarre.  In this movie, I couldn't quite figure out why the Abraham character (Emraan Hashmi) became the enemy of Silk.  I got that he didn't like the idea of using sex to sell movies, but I didn't get why this made him feel he had to destroy her.  It just seemed like an insane overreaction.  And then there was this business about how he both liked and and hated her, and since I couldn't figure out why he hated her, it wasn't working for me at all.  But the overall rise-and-fall plot was just fine.

Senna was a very talked-about documentary last year, about a Brazilian Formula One race car driver who was very successful and well-known in the mid-80s until his death (crash) in 1994.  Not being much of one for car racing, I had no idea that they put cameras right on the cars, so there were big chunks of the movie where you are actually watching a race from Senna's seat, which is pretty amazing.  But I was also acutely aware of the construction of the film, that what was shown was very carefully chosen to create only one opinion about the man and the events.  No distractions, no uncertainties.

This is going to be a murderous week at work -- classes starting tomorrow, and I've somehow found myself with three interns.  Learned just this past week that I would have to take a high school intern along with the two college interns I already have.  I feel like I'm going to spend all my time finding things for them to do.  And I'm going to have someone in there with me almost every working hour, which feels a little stifling.  But I'll just take it as it comes.

Do I distract myself with never-can-happen imaginings?  Well, yeah.  Having a small life day-to-day doesn't mean I can't have a big life in my head and my heart.  I don't suppose there's anything wrong with doing the daily things right, as much as possible, and dreaming big dreams.

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