Monday, January 23, 2012

not great & not funny

"Not great" was the movie I watched last night, Dark Matter.  About a Chinese grad student, used (in an academic sense) by his faculty mentor, then discarded when his work threatened to supersede his mentor's...the change in the student's behavior seemed very sudden, and I have no idea what Meryl Streep's character was doing there.  I guess the character -- a wealthy, well-meaning woman fascinated with Chinese culture who tries to make the Chinese students feel welcome -- was made to represent the overall cluelessness of the Americans interacting with the Chinese students.  And the wonderful Bill Irwin, who played the husband of the Streep character, had absolutely nothing to do.  If you're going to bother to put Bill Irwin in a movie, at least give him something to do involving dance or body movement (see My Blue Heaven or even Eight Men Out).

Not funny:  this idiot writer.

I made a necklace last night, just for the new store: a rosary-link choker with drops between the joins, mostly carnelian with a little citrine and a couple of pearls.  And now I find myself out of headpins.  I may have to make the move to silver-filled, since silver is just way too expensive.  But I think I have enough pieces now to bring to The Village Scandal this week.

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