Thursday, January 12, 2012

golden line #3

(Amitabh's replies to comments are shaded in yellow on the blog, and are referred to as "golden lines."  This is my third in 2-1/2 months.)

Jennifer Levy says:
I’ve always believed that art reflects the culture. I don’t think art necessarily panders to the culture, but if art is produced that does not please people, they will not support it. This matters less to independent artists, but if those who produce art are also looking for a large profit, or just to make a living, they will make art or films or books that will appeal to the greater part of the public.
Western influence is felt worldwide, and some is good, some less so. A lot of people point fingers at MTV for introducing the quick-cut editing that has become ubiquitous in TV and movies. I find that a lot of art is less leisurely, and to me, that is a bad Western influence. And personally, I’m not happy when I see contemporary Indian films and the costumes and music and highly westernized. I want to see India in Indian films! But as a result of all of the modern communications, cultures often seem to dissolve into a single, often low-brow, culture. In the US we use the expression “lowest common denominator,” meaning something so simplistically appealing that everyone will like and understand it…something that will not go over anyone’s head. That art is attractive and easy to consume, but personally, I like something more challenging.
Love, Jennifer
Best wishes and good thoughts to Nandita!

ab says:
jennifer levy … thank you for your observations

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