Saturday, January 7, 2012

end of week and mostly good news

In the good news department:  Judy called me in yesterday, and floated an idea for next year's fundraising.  She proposed a pre-holiday sale of my jewelry, where I would split the money with the institute in some percentage.  She was thinking about a private sale within the PPSC community, and then opening it up to the entire analytic community.  She also said that there were some photographers in the community who would probably be glad to photograph my work.

When I gave her some earrings as a holiday gift (and also sent home a pair for her wife Lee), she was very effusive about my work.  Lucie tipped me off that Judy's birthday was on New Year's eve, so I picked out a very nice necklace for her, which she really adored.  She asked me if I sell online, and I said I occasionally sold to friends, but that I wasn't properly set up to photograph my jewelry. (This is an old story...I've tried to photograph my work numerous ways, and even bought a digital camera, but the camera couldn't shoot close up enough.  Plus it's difficult to light jewelry properly.  I looked into it, and what's recommended is a "light cube," where the jewelry and camera actually go into a plastic cube with special lighting, and the piece is lit all the way around.)

I'm really excited about this.  The analytic community is exactly where my jewelry is going to sell.  I can't tell you how many faculty members I've seen wearing ethnic/handmade jewelry.  It's a lot like Jannah and her friends-- same age range, more or less the same sort of style.  Plus, analysts are often not poor, and it'll be a fundraiser, so I'll be able to charge healthy prices, and will do well even if I'm donating half.

I did say that I might need a little money ahead of time to buy supplies, particularly silver, and Judy said, "Oh, we'll give you a budget."  So that's that.  This can potentially lead to special orders, private customers, and even photos so I can sell online.  That's a win-win.  Judy is just the best.

My intern from last summer, Sarah, offered to come in and help out for the month, before she goes back to school, so a lot of projects are getting cleared out.  I finally had the breathing room to clear up my poor cluttered desk, and I actually seem to be caught up.  Plus it's great to have Sarah around; I like her a lot.

Here's the news that isn't great and somewhat perplexing:  I mentioned that Rochelle (of the "EF") offered to take me to some of the Raj Kapoor movies on her membership at MOMA.  I responded in the usual spot (the comments), thanked her, said I would love to, and gave my email address so she could get in touch.  And she never did; the festival has already started, and she posted yesterday about seeing the first film.  I mean, WTF?  I'm not at all sure what this is about.  Her offer seemed genuine and generous, but she's either way low on social skills, or maybe just trying to seem genuine and generous.  I suppose it's not a secret at this point that I'm a little sensitive to being snubbed when I reach out to people...and this time, it was her reaching out, and then dropping the ball.  I'm very tempted to comment in the blog or to get in touch on Twitter, but I'm far from sure I want to pursue this.  And even if she made the offer publicly, it doesn't mean it's right for me to bring it up publicly.  But I'm disappointed and a little hurt, and I guess I'm not sure I can bring it up "in front of" others and be nice about it.  It just kind of sucks to be in this position.

One more comment about my blog stats.  For some reason, a post I put up in October 2009, about summer camp and theater, has twice as many hits as any of my other posts.  I have absolutely no idea why, since I wouldn't tag it as one of the most interesting things I've written, not by far.  Another great mystery.

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