Friday, January 13, 2012

this is not about Indian films

I need new photos.  I pretty much hate all of the photos I have of myself: not flattering or badly dressed or no makeup or that horrible short haircut I got in summer 2010.  Feh.

This one's not so bad (I'm dead center) but it's from high school.  Don't we all look great in fuzzy pictures?  

One of the things I always loved about V., I must say, is that he always thought I looked exactly the same as I did when I met him (when I was 18).  Maybe so, though I'm a mite heavier and my hair's turned grey, close to white.  (I started to go grey around 25 and dyed it for many years).  V. once showed me an old picture of his ex-girlfriend, A., when she was maybe 25, and said, "She looks exactly the same as she does now!"  But I know A. -- she's heavy, stooped, wears glasses...she just looks really worn-out.  V. must have time-travel-vision.  He does have some good qualities.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss him...he was great to talk to, until his agenda changed.

I watched Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory on HBO last night, and although I'd already known that the WM3 were released in August, it was good to watch it happen.  They got out on some weird thing called the Alford rule, where they had to proclaim their innocence but plead guilty, and were released for time served.  I find it very confusing, even with this explanation on Wikipedia.  But at least they're out.  And there's nothing, as I believe I said recently, like a good documentary.

In fact, if I hadn't seen this doc, I don't think I would be able to get through the book I'm reading, The Great Bridge by David McCullough.  Some subjects are just too difficult for me without pictures.  For instance, I would not have the faintest idea, even with all of the explanations, of what a caisson was, without having seen visuals in the doc.  I often forget to mention Ken Burns as a favorite documentarian, because most of his works are on TV.  (Well, so were the Paradise Lost films.  Beats me.)  Of course, most of his docs are multi-part and very, very long; hard to recommend them as movies.  (Examples:  Jazz, Baseball, The Civil War.)  And then there is his brother Ric, who made a wonderful film about Coney Island

Yes, it's link day.  If I've already done this research, I suppose I ought to share it, along with my ever-present opinions.

My opinion is that it's been very quiet here at work today, and I feel pretty ready to leave.  Although Tamsir is coming in soon, to fix Susan's laptop, and I haven't seen him in ages.  I hate when the computers break down but also like it because then Tamsir comes in.  He's another favorite person to talk to. The last time he was in, maybe two months ago, I told him that I'd started watching a lot of Indian films, and he said, "Like Amitabh?"  (The response I usually get is, "Like Bollywood?")  Of course, Tamsir is from Senegal and was brought up on those movies.  But I liked him even before that.

A musician I haven't seen in a long while posted a link on Facebook today to an article about plus-size models, with photos of a very lovely size 12 woman.  He commented, "I don't like skinny women, I like REAL women" or something to that effect.  When I first knew him in 1993 or 94, it always seemed as if he were dating the skinniest women he can find.  Yay!  he grew up!

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