Tuesday, January 3, 2012

two more good ones

I have having some thoughts this morning about starting a new blog, or changing this one, into one devoted to taking fellow Americans into my exploration of Indian film.  Here's the problem: I'd have to use "Bollywood" in the title, and it's not a word I like to use.  It carries the implication that India is trying to copy the US, that Indian films are only a knockoff of US ones.  But that's what Americans tend to call the Indian film industry, and that's how they would find this blog.  (And yes, I do use "Bollywood" as a keyword in my posts for that reason.) 

The only way I could make it work would be to call the blog "Bollywood for Americans" and as the subtitle, something like:  "The first rule of Bollywood for Americans:  don't ever use the word Bollywood!"

Having said that Indian film is not trying to copy American film...here's video from Sharaabi, a remake of the American film Arthur.  The song is really lovely, as is the dancing of Jayapradha.  I haven't finished watching the film, which was made in 1984, but apparently it's the one where Big B hurt his hand.  It wasn't nearly as bad an injury as I'd once thought.

The second one for today is from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, which is often referred to as K3G.  I watched it in chunks over the past week or so...and I think I may have seen it before.  When I first saw KANK a few years ago, I watched a few other Shah Rukh Khan movies, and I think this is one of the ones I watched.  It started to seem familiar when Kareena Kapoor showed up as "Poo."  But I don't remember anything else from that viewing -- not Abitabh, not Kajol, and not Hrithik.  This song is Shah Rukh and Kajol, just a lovely melody.

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