Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For those of you who are new to this blog, an "earworm" is a song or piece of music you can't get out of your head.

All of my recent earworms are in Hindi.  My mp3 player has been packed with only Hindi music for about two weeks:  songs from movies I liked, Kolaveri Di, Kabhi Nahi, and big handfuls of Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Current earworm:  Mujhe Naulakha/Log Kehte Hain Main Sharaabi Hoon from Sharaabi. Both of them have really cool rhythms.  I recently posted a video with only the Log Kehte Hain part, but here's the whole thing:

When I "view" this blog, I can't see the above video, although I see it now while editing.  So if you can't see it, try  

I am mulling over an idea about the similarity between Hindi music and klezmer, but I need to spend a little time refreshing my knowledge of klezmer before I start posting and making comparisons.  I wish I remembered more music theory, because I think the similarity involves chord changes and minor keys and something modal...

If anyone wants to comment on their current earworm, I'm always glad to hear them.  I wonder if certain songs, or types of songs, have a tendency to stick in people's minds.

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