Monday, March 5, 2012

what AM I up to anyway?

I just don't know what the hell I've been up to for the past couple of weeks. I was writing to Shiva, and couldn't come up with it. Part of it, I think, it's that I've been really tired lately, so instead of staying up to 12 or 1 and watching YouTubes and Indian flicks, I've been crashing around 10. This eliminates a good chunk of my free time.

Sleepy this weekend too. I did watch The Iron Lady, and while I wasn't surprised by Meryl Streep's acting, I was surprised that I liked the film so much. They managed to make the politics go down kind of easy. And as always, I loved Jim Broadbent.

I sat down to make some jewelry yesterday, and just pulled a blank. Wendy wants opaques, but I was looking at my box of jaspers and nothing seemed like a spring color. I did make some earrings from unakite chips (spinach green and salmon pink) on Saturday. I guess I can make a green necklace, but I just wasn't feeling it yesterday.

I feel like I dodged something of a fast-moving bullet of late. Sometimes even a little flirty is way too much. It would have been too easy to leap without looking. I have slowed the bullet down and will look some more.

Barry seems to be very close to getting a job with Ohel, working in a group home for developmentally disabled people. He would be on an overnight shift, so it would essentially be a safety-net role and not well-paid. But it's full-time and it's a job. I'm actually surprised he even considered such a job, since he was never any too comfortable with DD or any differently abled people. But this could end up being a decent field for him.

Barry's been very stressed, so I've been sticking close. I wish I could say that I'm back to 100% since we fought, but I'm really not.

So things look kind of grey here. Mostly what I look forward to is getting some jewelry ready for later this month; to my one-year anniversary at work in mid-April; to mid-May, after which work will be much quieter. I think I'll take a week off in July.

Of course, if Barry gets work, I'll look forward to being less squeezed for money. It's been a little more relaxed recently since we sold some old jewelry for the weight of the gold and silver, and since I made $150 selling my own jewelry in Pennsylvania. But that's not real, steady money. I'd love to see at least a little steady money from the jewelry, but that won't happen right away.

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