Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Pat's; making friends

One St. Patrick's Day, my alcoholic self and alcoholic boyfriend came down to New York from Binghamton (where I lived at the time) for the parade. We lost each other and I somehow ended up in a firefighters' bar that had a jukebox full of Irish music. (I am a famous hater of Irish music.) I so do not miss that. I so do not miss hangovers. Sobriety has become a habit I don't think about much, nearly 27 years into it, but on some days I am very glad that I do not drink.

Making friends seems like an odd thing to think or talk about once you're past 50. Your friends are pretty much already made by then. I've known Robin and Leslie since we were kids, and was lucky to make another close friend in Jannah in my early 40s. Lately, one of the members of the "Ef," the fans who comment on Amitabh's blog, reached out to me and I to her, and we got together today at Coney Island to walk and talk. I've been thinking about this all week as we started phoning and emailing and planning to meet. Online and in person can be very different, and it doesn't always go smoothly. But we did have a nice visit today, a beautiful to be out, and a very companionable couple of hours. Very nice so far.

I'm enjoying Twitter a whole lot. It's always so thrilling when someone replies or retweets, always people I never expected to communicate with. I have a big girl-crush/writer-crush on Susan Orlean, and have had a little contact with her. Had a joke retweeted yesterday by Andy Kindler - whom I actually knew slightly at college in Binghamton. I sort of stage-managed a play he was in, The Good Doctor, directed by a kid named Corey Pepper. Corey was a terrific actor and we all thought he was going places. Don't know whatever happened to him, but Andy is a pretty well-known comic. You never know. I do love having those little moments with some of those folks.

Touched base on Twitter with John Ortiz, as I've mentioned, and also the great jockey Gary Stevens, both of whom were in the excellent HBO series Luck - which was just canceled. Three horses died in shooting eleven episodes, and amidst the criticism and calling for investigations and tighter safety, HBO decided to just give it up. Which I suppose is understandable, but still sad. It was an excellent show, and huge visibility for Ortiz in particular.

I swear there is something else I've wanted to write about all week and now I just can't remember what it was. One of the sucky parts of getting older.

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