Monday, March 26, 2012

a So Here's What day

So here's what: one of the committees at work had two big programs recently, the second of which was this past Saturday, and of course it's part of my job to help them. But I guess they thought I went above and beyond, because they presented me with a $150 Visa gift card. Nice, nice people.

Here's another what: someone around work asked me today when my birthday is, and although it might have been a want-to-show-my-appreciation thing, it felt a little like a boy-liking-girl thing. I mean, he put it in his phone. I don't even have my family birthdays on my calendar (which is not in my phone). Of course, sometimes I think these things and I'm way off base. But sometimes I wonder if one or another guy is looking to make my life complicated.

I finally saw the original Agneepath this past weekend, with all the subtitles. (I'd had a copy before where the STs vanished and then appeared again 20 minutes later, but not matching the scene.) Maybe the Amitabh fans built it up too much, but I thought it was just OK. His characterization was quite good, if somewhat overshadowed by his eyeliner, but the plot was not too exciting. Plus, at least in 1990, fight and action scenes in Indian movies were really cheesy. They use loud slaps as sound effects for punches, and in generally it's all pretty creaky. The saving grace was Mithrun Chakraborty (hope I got this right) - although his character was what seemed to be a dreadful stereotype of southerners (waiting for confirmation from Shiva on this one), it's clear that he's an excellent actor and dancer. I d*wnloaded another of his movies yesterday, and am very interested in seeing it.

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