Monday, August 8, 2011

now the text is showing again

Go fig.  As I've been investigating other blog hosts, I keep seeing that Blogger is supposed to be the E-Z one.  Ha!  I tried for days to figure out why the text of my posts weren't appearing, trying to figure out the ever-confusing template settings, and even (double ha) trying to get some online help.  There's no one to respond to an inquiry if your problem isn't in the FAQ -- you get pointed to a Forum.  I posted my problem there, and was supposed to receive an e-mail notification of any follow-up post (which might have been an answer), but never got one.  BTW, if you ever hear about me participating heavily in a Forum about Blogger, please encourage me to get a life.

Home computer (Tamsir II, although we still tend to call it 'Putie, which is what we've called all our computers) is working fairly well.  The computer is great.  I'm still not in love with Windows 7, and it's still confusing in some ways, but I'm working around the confusing parts.  (For instance:  I'm keeping my documents in C://Users/Administrator/My Documents, but I can't unpack into it with WinRAR.  I can unpack into C://Users/User, but I can't move my documents (My Documents) into C://Users/User.  WTF, Windows 7?  One or the other has to be the default, right?

Also, Mozy flat-out failed me.  After several restore attempts, I lost a bunch of e-books and ALL of my written documents (resumes, writing samples, etc.).  I re-restored a couple of times from older versions, but just found that those written document folders on my computer are empty, and the versions of my backup that contain them are gone.  Mozy will soon be gone, too.  Someone's recommended Carbonite, and someone's recommended something called CrashDeal (I think that's the name).

But overall the computer is fast and multi-tasks a lot better than Dead Putie did.

I wish I could duplicate the lost posts.  There was something about not being able to use a public blog to talk about things like having crushes on people.  I know "what the hell happened to my body?" had to do with some post-menopausal changes (dry skin, thin hair) that I hope to reverse by hormone replacement therapy -- my general doctor finally OKed it, and I'm seeing the GYN tomorrow.

Here's more:  this past weekend, I made jewelry for the first time since I had the procedure for trigger finger.  Even though my finger's about 85% OK. not much pain (although I'm having a bit more OT on it), I hadn't tried to make any jewelry because I was afraid that I couldn't.  (If that makes no sense, you may be better-adjusted than I am).  But my wonderful intern Sarah showed up here the other day with a wire-wrapped ring she'd bought from a local street vendor.  I told her that I made them myself, and she said that her mother wanted one, so I brought in what I had.  She bought a citrine for herself (I charged her $10,, same as the street vendor), but she said her mother needed a size 7.  I think I sent her home with some beads to show her mother, and she ordered two rings, size 7, one amethyst and one amber, both with gold-colored wire.  So I made them this weekend.  I hadn't made a wire-wrapped ring in a long time, and have only ever made a few, so I had to look at instructions.  I did find out, which I hadn't known before, that they get smaller as you work on them, which is why you have to start a size bigger (that is, wrap the band at a size 8 and you end up with a 7).  After I made the rings for Sarah's mom, I made a ring I'd promised Barry for a while, a replacement for his banged-to-hell turquoise ring.  It came out nice, real silver, and I adjusted the fit until it was perfect.

I missed making jewelry.  And it's certainly not that I'm missing anything I want personally...I have SO many earrings, and plenty of necklaces and bracelets.  But I miss the doing.  I need that creative thing.  The writing is also a creative thing, but the jewelry is my visual-arts creative thing.  I'm going to see Jannah the weekend of the 26-28th, and want to make some blue crystal cluster earrings for her (she admired mine), and I think I want to make more of those rings.

I got an amazing present the other day.  I may have mentioned that I've gone a bit above-and-beyond with a couple of faculty committees here, because they needed the help and because I had something to offer.  It's not exactly that these things weren't part of my job, but I did give a little extra -- two of the faculty committees have asked me to attend their meetings, for instance.  Anyway, one of those committee chairs came by the other day and gave me, in appreciation, an orchid plant!  I've always loved plants, even though I can't have them at home (bad light and frisky cats).  But I particularly like plants that you can collect, since that brings together the green thumb and the insane collector.  (I used to have a great selection of cacti; I tried African violets once, but couldn't get them to grow well.)  Orchids you can collect...lots of types and colors.  Mine is a pink-violet phalaenopsis, which is relatively common.  If I can keep it alive and thriving, I will undoubtedly get more.  But I love, love, love this plant!  And I love Gerard for the thoughtful gift.  Everyone is so nice to me here it's almost embarrassing.

Something I was considering when I was looking at other blog sites:  getting myself a domain name.  Have to see if I can do that with Blogger, if I stay here.  Found one I wanted that checked out OK with GoDaddy, but haven't bought it yet.

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