Thursday, June 2, 2011

pleased but busy

Well, the only thing I'm really not pleased about is my trigger finger.  I guess I kind of thought the cortisone shot would just be a little pinprick in my finger (like a flu shot), and everything would be dandy.  But the shot was a big damn shot, the kind that required a shot of lidocaine before the cortisone, and my whole hand was sore for three or four days.  After a few more days, I went to see the doctor again, because I thought the pain was lingering too long.  But apparently that's normal.  He gave me a finger splint which I'm supposed to wear for five minutes every hour (the finger is now somewhat bent), and I have to have four sessions of OT (occupational therapy).  I can finally use the finger without too much pain; I hadn't been able to grasp or pull anything, couldn't really write with a pen, and couldn't use it to type.  But now I can't really close it, and straightening it out hurts.  Trigger finger sucks.

I did recently have a bit of a depressed dip, which happens maybe every couple of months, for a couple of days.  Depression doesn't really get cured, or banished 100%.  It slides a bit.  The meds I'm on now are quite good, except for these occasional breakthroughs -- which I admit are pretty bad.  I'm seeing a new doctor this month, and may see if he thinks the dosage should be upped.

Work is busy; it's just a time of year when fundraising, admissions, end of classes, and registration all get busy.  Teachers and supervisors have to be paid after their evaluations are turned in and recorded; admissions materials have to be copied and checked off and forwarded; contributions have to be logged in (mailing out the fundraising letters was also a huge production); and I have to figure out really fast about the online registration program and how that's going to work with requiring advisors to approve courses.  It's just a lot of stuff, although my bosses don't pressure me and the work environment is still comfortable.  But June and probably July will be busy, though I hope August will be quiet (due to its being the traditional therapists' month off).

We had a fairly fantastic weekend at Jannah's over Memorial Day.  Loved the local parade, as always; Barry had never seen it before.  I'm crazy about the antique fire trucks (one was a Studebaker!).  As always, there were  a lot of people visiting and a large amount of food.  It was so hot I even went in the pool.  And what's better than hanging out with Jannah for a weekend?  I never get that kind of time with any of my other friends.

I love my Kindle make the subway ride work.

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