Tuesday, June 21, 2011

big & fashionable, loud and bluesy

I found this to be fairly interesting.  Although my weight fluctuates, I've been a size16 or 18 for some years now.  And I hate the fact that I mostly have to shop online; and absolutely do believe that retailers like The Gap only sell plus-sizes online because they don't want plus-sized women in their stores.  I hate the fact that larger sizes tend to vanish first from places like Old Navy.  I hate looking at catalogues or online, being pleased that they carry "XL," only to find that their idea of "XL" is sizes 2-14.  I am pissed that some companies charge more for sizes over 16 than for the same item in a smaller size.  And I was heartbroken when Liz Claiborne did away with their "Elizabeth" line.  (I believe that Claiborne also did away with a line called First Issue, which included all sizes.)

But here's what else I hate:  the assumption that all plus-sized women are built the same way.  If I see plus-sized women described as "curvy" one more time, I'll barf.  The intimation seems to be that the trade-off for being a larger size is that you have big breasts, and that all plus-sized women have an hourglass shape, only wider.  Uh-uh.  Different women carry their weight differently. 

This is why I've started wearing all of this very loose and forgiving (not to mention artsy), Tienda Ho and Mission Canyon stuff.  It's one-size-fits-all, and although the proportions are occasionally now quite right (plus I did have to get one pair of pants hemmed), it all basically works. 

Barry and I went last night to the jam he likes, a blues jam run by Big Ed Sullivan at the Grisly Pear.  (I may have mentioned developing a short-lived crush on a guy I saw there.)  It's interesting, because he started going maybe a year ago and met a bunch of people that I've known for eons, way longer than I've known Barry.  (And not to put too fine a point on it, there were three of my ex-boyfriends/lovers in attendance last night.)  I do enjoy the music, the new people I'm meeting, and reconnecting with some old friends.  I've particularly enjoyed spending some time with a guy I dated 30 years ago (!), who is very sweet and very sentimental, albeit a touch manic.  It's a good thing Barry likes him, because this guy is very physical, and does a lot of hugging.  Well, actually, he hugs everyone a lot, but I think I'm getting a little extra because it's been quite a while since we spent any time together.  Also, Barry's excellent bud, Felix Cabrera, turned up -- he's not around as much now that he lives on Long Island.  Felix is a real sweetheart, funny as hell, and great onstage (harp and vocals) -- he led the band that Barry had playing at my 50th birthday. 

I don't think Barry ever reads this blog -- I'm not secretive about it, he just doesn't like to read that much.  If I tell you all what I'm planning for his 60th birthday in November, do you promise not to tell him?  I have to think about this a little more, because I don't want to ruin the surprise.

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