Friday, June 24, 2011


Seems like Medicaid has granted us an extension until the end of September.  Not only does this buy us more time with current treatments, but it will give me a while to make new arrangements with my job. 

I just had my last OT (for now) for my trigger finger:  6 in all.  I see the hand doctor again a week from today, and then I'll see if I need more OT.  I like my OT guy a lot; he's very sweet and very straightforward.  Caring, too.  I like the new psychiatrist.  After I get my bloodwork done, and if my main doctor OKs it, I'm going back to the GYN to see if I can get that hormone replacement therapy.  My hair is getting thin and my skin is beginning to wrinkle...not to the point where anyone but me notices, but I'd like to keep it that way.  No mas.

Of course, the biggest Medicaid benefit is that Barry is going to get dentures.  His teeth have always been bad, and he's lost and broken quite a few since we met.  The dentist has now pulled all that he needs to pull, and is waiting on approval to start measuring for the dentures.  I'm getting a couple of cavities filled, and have had x-rays and a cleaning, but Medicaid won't cover a bridge or a cap.  at least the missing tooth isn't in front.

I've been helping out with the admissions committee at work -- I help all the committees, but I've worked very closely with admissions.  So they gave me a nice card and a box of Godiva chocolate.  I won't eat it all, but I will eat a few.  I've been excellent about sugar and carbs...and besides, this is work-related .

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