Monday, June 20, 2011


The good news is that the psychiatrist had pretty much the same idea I had, and doubled my dosages of lamotrigine and lorazepam.  The bad news is that the increased dose of lamotrigine is making me dizzy.  This is apparently a normal and not harmful side effect -- I just have to avoid operating heavy machinery.  So I guess I won't be able to drive a huge truck alongside the ice road truckers.  I'll just have to watch them on TV.

We're sort of racing the clock on doctors' appointments -- we recently had to fill out and return a form with our current income for a reassessment of our healthcare benefits.  It was due June 10, so I think we'll be losing Medicaid pretty soon. My boss has promised (in writing) to provide healthcare once I lose Medicaid, but who knows if I'll end up with such an inclusive plan.

I'm still reading the Ruth Reichl book, but coming to the end.  I'm thinking about another non-fiction book afterward, one I haven't read.  I recently download a book about the history of Chinese restaurants and Americanized "Chinese" food in the U.S., so that might be the one.

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