Sunday, April 15, 2012

yet again, Blogger has changed the interface

I am so hating Blogger just about now. But I'll type and post and hope it all works.

There are probably other things to talk about, but here's what struck me today. Nice warm today today, around 74 degrees, a little overcast, and I went out for a long walk around the neighborhood. To the north of where we live are a lot of wealthy homes, but to the south, there are some very pretty, quiet, middle-class streets. So I was walking around, and what struck me was how many houses, and a few apartment buildings, had terraces, balconies, decks, patios, porches...and no one out on them. I would kill to have a home with any one of those. I think one of our favorite things on our honeymoon (which was in Aruba) was the terrace attached to our hotel room. It was "garden view" rather than "ocean view," which didn't make a bit of difference when we sat out every evening. If I had even a little terrace in the city, I would be out there day and night.

It reminded me a little of when I lived in Binghamton, how much outdoor life there was in yards, parks, all kinds of outdoor locations. If it was warm, you were in the backyard. (I never had one of my own, but a lot of my non-college friends did, the people who were from there.)

Although - I did have a little balcony at one of my apartments. It wasn't sunny, but it was private. The house I lived in was set back off the street, behind two other houses. (The address was 31-1/2 Cedar Street.) I had the top apartment, with a front balcony. I had a little hibachi grill up there, and a chair or two. Lovely place to sit out.

It's a little depressing because I wonder - I wonder this a lot lately - if I'll ever live in a better apartment than this one. This one is too small, dark, third-floor walk-up. At one time I hoped to be out of New York at this point in my life, in a house somewhere, working from home. I may never get the chance to change the way I live and where I live.

Things may not improve much more. Barry is working, and I'm working, but we make very little money, both have debt trailing us, and may never have better work situations. That honeymoon was the last time I was on a plane, nearly 12 years ago. Last vacation we had.

This is kind of depressing, isn't it?

OK, let's see if I can get this video up:

I heard this a few weeks ago kind of randomly...must have seen a link on Twitter or Facebook. I liked it, shared it somewhere else. Just a nice, catchy tune. Then I heard it again on the radio yesterday, when I was having my first mani-pedi on the year. So I'm guessing it's popular.

Twitter has been a fun neighborhood for me. I'm connected to a few Amitabh people and a host of Brooklyn and Coney Island people and groups, but I mostly enjoy the actors, writers, comedians and smart-asses. There's a guy who has a blog and what I guess is a somewhat well-known column in a magazine (and I swear I don't know if it's print or online) but anyway, he's a very funny dude and posts things I find really funny, and I often reply some kind of a build on his idea. He retweets me once or twice a day. I didn't notice until yesterday that he was something like 48K (Indian friends: K = 1000 which I think = lakh.) followers. I have 50. I just enjoy it a lot.

There are a handful of females in the "EF" who use the blog comments and Twitter to paste up endless declarations of love and heavy flirtation and the connection they perceive themselves to have (read = wish they had) with him. It kind of makes me cringe. Sometimes it makes me sad. Sometimes it makes me wonder about the company I keep.

It's certainly a different fan culture than the Holy Modal Rounders & friends were. No real sex appeal there, except for the handful of old bats who slept with Peter in the 70s and wanted another go-round. Not what you'd call a hot bunch of musicians. We liked their music and their personalities, and that was pretty much it. I've never belonged to a fan community for a sex idol of any sort (even an old one), mostly because whenever I've had that kind of crush, I found it to be a slightly embarrassing thing and best observed solo. Maybe that's why I have a problem with those crush-y girls: I'm kind of embarrassed for them. They're doing something I would so not do because...can I saw it? it's ridiculous and pointless.

Do they ever make some contact and have some exchange? sure. Does he appreciate and like his fans? yes. Are we ever going to be part of his actual life? Uh-uh. A few superfans get a backstage visit or a photo, but it's not ever going to be more than that. Sorry crush-y girls and buddy-wantin' guys.

Good so far: Satte Pe Satta. Full - fuller, anyway - review soon.


  1. I love to be on Twitter. Every time I visit it I find something new there.

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