Monday, April 23, 2012

have I mentioned laterly how much I hate this interface?

Watch out for spelling problems. I'm not doing well with those today. In fact, I've had a shitty few days, starting out with monster eye allergies Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Had this last year - thought my eyes were infected. So I stayed home, bathed them. Yesterday, when my eyes finally felt better, I crashed into a wall of depression. Let's face it: my friends are busy, nuts, or busy being nuts. Though I have to say that Barry is doing well and working becomes him.  But we're still poor, and bound to stay that way. That's one of the things that depresses me: that it's never going to get too much better. We'll never live in a place with a terrace or a yard; we'll probably never have a driver's license between the two of us and I doubt we'll ever go on a plane again. We won't live out our old age any place nicer than New York City, which is not at all a good city for poor old people.

I didn't end up getting a raise here because by some error, which no one ever caught, I was being overpaid to the tune of $3,600/year. Oopsie. So I wasn't even as poor as I thought, but I was still way poor. So there's no getting ahead, not for now. True, if the Village Scandal starts selling a couple of pieces of jewelry a month, and maybe if another store or two does as well, that could pull in a little extra loot. What I should really do if walk around and find stores where my jewelry works, and try to sell it to the manager there.Don't know if the holiday sale here in the fall will actually happen.

I did spend some of the lovely gift from COPAT ($150 gift card) on some Indian clothes: an orange skirt and sleeveless blouse, and green harem pants, all for $50. (Then $20 for two pink tees from KMart for my purple harem pants.) Spent most of the rest of the gift card on much-needed groceries (so much for "extra" money). I did get a little more makeup I need from e.l.f. (very cheap), and a few sets of glass bangles. I still feel like shit.

Although a couple of people have befriended me, Amitabh's blog has begin to seem like an icky place. Lots of internal fighting. Lots of favoritism. And really, not much contact at all to be made with him. Too much like the Rounders list, though (thank god!) I'm not running it. But best to leave now.

I have seen:

Chasing Madoff (very good doc about people who knew about Madoff 10 yeara before he was busted)
Bandhan (an old Hindi movie about the son of a criminal)
Darling (not the best Ram Gopal Varma but OK)
Satte Pe Satta (still haven't watched the end)

I am sour and pissy today, weepy, little appetite. All in all, I'd rather be asleep.

Also - when I tried to post a YouTube video here, it vanished! How bad does Blogger suck? REAL BAD.

Let's try again, just for ha-has:

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