Friday, April 13, 2012

Satte Pe Satta, jewelry, whatever else I think of

I started watching Satte Pe Satta last night...I can rarely watch a whole Indian movie at one sitting during the week. (Indian people: these movies are considered quite long compared to US movies, which are generally 1-1/2 to 2 hours.) This is an Indian remake of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and so far, it translates beautifully. Kishore Kumar sings for Amitabh, and Amitabh is very, very funny. I may have said this before, but as concerns his early movies, I think I like the funny ones better than the "Angry Young Man" ones.

I finally spoke to Wendy at The Village Scandal a couple of days ago, and she said that she would like to hang on to my jewelry, that there's been some interest but that they are too long for most of her customers. (The necklaces are 16-17".) So I went down yesterday and brought her a 15" necklace I had made in the same style, and offered to shorten the others over the weekend. So I took the other two necklaces home. She sounds quite optimistic about being able to sell them, which is pretty exciting.

Did I mention that I volunteered to work at the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island this year? They contacted me recently, and it looks like I'll be selling merch in a booth, which is perfect for me. Not only am I good at that kind of thing, but it means I won't be standing out in the sun all day (and it's been extremely hot and sunny every time I've been there). And I believe I will get a Mermaid Parade Volunteer tee shirt, and how cool is that? (Although I don't wear them very much any more, I adore tee shirts, and often can't afford the ones I want, which is why I don't have a single one from the Mermaid Parade. When I did music reviews, I used to beg shamelessly for tee shirts. I still have a Michael Hurley one from 1994 that I very rarely wear, so it's still in excellent shape.)

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