Sunday, August 22, 2010

a good grade and a good filmmaker

The second interview went beautifully.  I felt like I had a good rapport with the guy, and he asked interesting questions.  There were none of the kinds of questions I didn't much want to answer, like why I left my last job and why I've been unemployed for two years.  Toward the end, I told him how much I'd enjoyed the essay-writing portion of the interview process, and he said, "Oh yes, I think I have your essay here in my it is.  Look at the bottom."  He turned the paper toward me, and on the bottom, someone had written "Great!"  So I'm pleased to say that I got a good grade, seventeen years after my college graduation.  I'm supposed to hear about the job within two weeks.  I wanted the last job I interviewed for, but I think I want this one more.  (I also wanted a job at NYU badly, more because of the salary and bennies than the actual work of the position.)

I recently got back in touch with my friend Paul Lovelace.  He and his wife Jessica Wolfson are working on a documentary about New York radio legend Bob Fass.  I've seen a couple of Paul's documentaries:  "Robert Christgau: Rock and Roll Animal" and "Bound to Lose" (I am thanked in the credits of the latter).  Paul certainly knows his way around a documentary.  Here's the trailer:

I finally got myself some online backup, because this computer has been acting a mite funky lately and I've never been prepared for a hard drive crash, though I've had a couple (and a couple of times I took a computer into the shop and had to have the hard drive wiped and Windows reinstalled).  At least if I have a crash, I won't lose my music, pictures, written documents or browser bookmarks.

As I've mentioned before, I'm very fond of cologne, and lately I'm fascinated by this website.  These folks sell perfume and eau de parfum/toilette in small sizes, decanted from larger ones, so one can buy some very good products at reasonable prices, or try out new ones.  They carry a huge number of scents, including some that are no longer made, some that are hard to find, and some that are unavailable in the states.  They also describe the notes and type (woody, oriental, etc) of each scent.  I have been browsing and reading a lot, fascinated.  Once I'm employed, I'm going to spend some money there, to get some otherwise unaffordable scents, and to try some new ones.

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