Sunday, August 15, 2010

the amazing self-healing shoulder

I have been having trouble with my left shoulder for over two years.  I think it started when I took a free personal training session at my last gym; the trainer did a few stretches on me that I couldn't do on myself, including a shoulder stretch.  When the usual post-workout aches died down, the shoulder still hurt.  And for the past couple of years, I have been unable to raise my left arm over my head, and stretching to reach anything with my left arm caused pain that made me weep.

My chiropractor said he couldn't do anything for it.  I put off seeing an orthopedist because I've always believed, wrongly or not, that they tended to rush to cut.  I had a feeling it might be something like bursitis -- my mother had it in her shoulder, and endured some horrible treatment with long, painful needles stuck into her shoulder until she finally got relief from acupuncture.

Anyway, the other day -- I wish I could remember what I was doing -- I felt something pop in the shoulder.  And later I noticed the pain was gone.  I could lift my arm over my head easily, and reach behind my back, and all the other things I hadn't been able to do.  My guess is that what I had was something like a slight dislocation, but it relocated itself.  Go fig.

I had an excellent interview on Friday, for a job at a boutique test-prep firm.  They were interested in me for my publishing work and editing studies, which was kind of exciting.  It seemed like a job where intelligence and education were important, which meant that I would actually be able to use a high level of skill and knowledge, and also that it was likely not to be boring.  Boring jobs are my curse; once I've learned the routine and there's nothing left to learn, I lose interest and lose steam.

What I liked best about the interview, apart from the fact that I was not being asked a stream of questions for an HR-generated list, was that the last part involved writing.  I was seated at a computer and told that I had 20 minutes to write an essay about why I was a good candidate for the job.  I was in my element, and cranked out a good essay in 19 minutes.  I was told to save it to the desktop, and when the office manager re-saved it to a folder, I saw that there were four other files in it, so I assume I am one of five candidates.  As my appointment was at 3:00 PM on a Friday, I also assume I was the last interview.  The office is small (10 people) and reasonably casual -- I wore a black blouse and tan skirt (all Tienda Ho stuff in that great Balinese cotton, which is 40% rayon), and it was just right.  Tidy but casual seems to work.  Cross fingers, folks.  I thing I would really like this job.

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