Thursday, May 13, 2010

new jewelry

This is the start of the second necklace with the Chinese millefiore. Here, they're 8mm coins rather than 6mm rounds. The crystals are a mixed color lot of 8mm rondells that I bought as Swarovski off a slightly iffy dealer on eBay. I don't trust a Swarovski seller who doesn't provide the color names. But the lot happened to be an excellent match for this project. I'm planning to make this to about 24" and then to do dangles of the remaining 6mm round millefiore and some 4mm Swarovski bicones. Luckily, I finally found the baggies with my sterling earring findings and my sterling headpins, so I can do the dangles and also make some earrings.

I did a sorting-out today and chose what I'm bringing on Saturday. I always want to throw everything in front of customers, but I decided to get a grip on myself and limit it to about a dozen necklaces, a dozen bracelets, and a dozen earrings in each price group ($12, $22, and $35). If by some strange chance I sell out, I'll take my hundreds of dollars and go home happily. I'm bringing my best wire-wrap pieces except for the jasper one, which Jannah decided to buy after she saw the fuzzy photo. She also wants the turquoise.

It looks like I'm going to have to rejoin Facebook for the Examiner gig, so I'll also use it to publicize my jewelry. I don't mind doing the social networking thing, but I have some real issues with their privacy policies, or lack thereof. Every day I keep reading about information they gather and share and what gets leaked, and it makes me kind of glad that I quit it (this was about a month ago, during the first two days that I was off the venlafaxine). But I'm going to need it to drive people to my Examiner page, as well as to my jewelry sales, and also to contact some of my old blues musician pals to set up interviews.

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