Saturday, May 15, 2010

highly disappointing

Going to the crafts fair today cost us $50 for the table and about $40 for the car service in. I sold nothing. I blame part of this on the people selling art right across from my, who blocked my table and poached my customers at every opportunity.

Additional, none of my friends, or Facebook "friends," and none of Barry's friends, or Facebook "friends," either showed up or sent friends of theirs. No one, not one familiar face. A couple of people had let me know in advance that they couldn't be there, and I encouraged them to send any friends who might be interested. But I guess most people just couldn't be bothered. We had to take the subway home because I couldn't see losing any more money, and the subway was of course all screwed up, so instead of taking two trains, we ended up taking four trains and a shuttle bus. What should have been an hour trip took two. And I was probably on my feet way too much. I showered this morning with a plastic bag on my food, per the doctor, but I probably stood a little too hard on it and blood leaked out of the bandaging. I should have just stayed home, but I was so convinced that an "Art and Artisans: fair in Chelsea was exactly the kind of place where I'd do well. WRONG. Apparently, I can fail in almost any situation. No one want to buy my work. All the fuss and bother was for nothing.

I think my career as a professional jeweler ends here.

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  1. Everyone has bad days. I remember when I was vending and had days of almost no sales...and then there were days of good sales.

    One of my favorite fiber dyers had a horrible day at the last fiber show. Her work is awesome, her merchandising was okay...but her sales were nil. Last year, she made hundreds of dollars. Who know what the buying public will do.

    Factor in a so-so economy and high unemployment...

    Even so, I think you should try selling online. I'm not sure exactly how much it costs, but I think is fairly inexpensive and Artfire even less so.

    You've got the stock, so work on photographing and whatever sells, sells. what do you have to lose?