Thursday, May 13, 2010

more foot boo-boo/new blues gig

I had my doctor look at the foot yesterday, which I'd thought was mending well. Turns out it wasn't infected but did have a piece of glass in it. He couldn't remove it easily himself, so he sent me to a podiatrist who had an office downstairs. Luckily, the podiatrist was able to see me right away, and he removed the glass (which was a slight about a quarter in wide and half and inch long), and then put in four stitches because the wound was kind of deep. There was a very painful needle involved, a shot of local to my heel. The bright side was that not only was the doctor very good, but he had a nurse/assistant who was very sweet and a real nut for Swarovski (I noticed a lovely pendant she was wearing, which turned out to be antique Swarovski, and we were off!) So my foot's all bandaged and wrapped, and actually hurts a lot less. But I have to go back a week from Friday and get my stitches out.

It looks like Ive gotten myself a gig with Examiner, which is sort of an online entertainment guide written by freelancers they call "examiners," such as "Brooklyn Nightlife Examiner" or "New York Theater Examiner." I am, of course, to be "New York Blues Examiner." I get paid according to how many people I drive to my page there. I have to officially register in the next couple of days, send in a bio and photo and get detailed instructions about posting. It seems like they're looking more for events listings than for reviews of shows that have passed, so I'm planning to do a lot of "what's coming" and also interviews with local musicians. If I can get some CD labels to send me promos, I'll also do CD reviews. It shouldn't be too time-consuming -- I wrote a 300-word sample piece for them at 4:00 AM, and was offered the spot twelve hours later.

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