Thursday, May 27, 2010

bad romance

I never really got Madonna and she always left me cold. Lady Gaga, however, is a different story entirely. I think she's freshened up pop music a lot, which is partly about the costumes and moves, but also partly because she just plain writes kick-ass songs. I think Bad Romance is an insanely great song, and spent a while last night watching different live performances as well as the official video on YouTube.

That song also made me think of a couple of bad romances in my past -- one where a guy was bad to me by cheating on me (in what had been clearly declared a monogamous relationship). The other one, the guy was just plain bad to me; the role-playing increasingly seemed like a way for him to take out all of his frustrations and angers, as well as playing out his fantasies. There was only something in it for me if my fantasies happened to coincide with his. Selfish, selfish, selfish. We were both interested in a dom/sub fantasy, but those roles are supposed to be played out of caring and out of a true need to fulfill the other person's fantasies as well as one's own. I guess no one explained that to him, although I tried. He was more of a sadist than a dom, I guess. Or maybe just a rotten person. But that really was a bad romance, where everyone's worse angels came out to play.

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