Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what is wrong with my head?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a blackout. One of our old interns was coming to have lunch with Susan and me, and why I tried to think about it a few days later, I came up with nothing. Couldn't remember Sarah arriving at the office, couldn't remember walking to the restaurant, couldn't remember ordering or eating...none of it. Coupled with the fact that I am having increasing problems remembering past and current items - reaching for words and names a lot - and having experienced from time to time small tremors in my hands and head, I decided it was time to see a neurologist. Which I did on Monday. She did some basic tests and an EEG. She said that such blackouts are commonly associated with migraine (which I do not have), and that it looks as if I don't have Parkinson's. Next up is an MRI, after her office phones me with a code number from my insurance company.

I won't lie - I've been crying a  lot. It is certainly not adding to my enjoyment of this vacation week (apart from the fact that, as usual, we are flat broke). My appetite has been poor. I'd like the MRI over and done with. Then, of course, I have to go to the doctor for results, another $50 bite. There's no getting ahead.

I'm looking to make some jewelry again today. I had to interrupt some earrings I was making because I ran out of headpins. So I'm going to switch gears before I finish that and try some earrings I saw in a beading magazine: a gangling hoop with three wraps of wire, tiny beads on the bottom. Also a Y-necklace.

My general doctor has put me on a new diabetes med - actually, the old one (Januvia) with metformin added. It's done wonders, combined with a better diet. In fact, my sugar actually gets low sometimes. And I've lost about 13 pounds in the past month and a half.

I've rewatched a couple of favorite movies lately. In the best of them, there's always something new to see. The one I most wanted to write about was Boogie Nights, but I don't have the patience quite now.

The stats on this blog continue to make me scratch my head. I still seem to have quite a few readers in Russia, unless people in other countries are using Russian email addresses. It's a mystery. I'm also mystified that so many people seem to be reading an old post called "amal, amat, utz," which may be one of the silliest things I've ever posted.

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