Saturday, July 14, 2012

gardening and MRI

The upside of this vacation week is that our landlord's been away and we've been tending his garden out back. It mainly consists of water the basil, peppers, tomatoes etc every other day - plus any ripe figs are ours! We're easily eating four figs a day each. Nothing quite like fresh figs. The downsiede of gardening is that my legs have gotten all bit up by mosquitoes.

I had my MRI yesterday, which went pretty smoothly, but I  have the waiting part. It'll be at least a week from Monday - the 22rd, as I figure it - before I can see the neurologist again for my results. NOW I'm anxious.

Otherwise it's been a quiet week...mostly broke, as usual.

I'm jumpy and not patient. Not good, all around.

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