Wednesday, July 25, 2012

global transient amnesia

That's what it was. MRI and EEG were clear. Apparently this happens to a lot of people - a blackout of 2-8 hours - and they don't really know why. But it rarely happens more than once.

I managed to keep my mind off work during my vacation, but now it's maybe too much on my mind. Still a busy season, getting the new candidates (eight of them) registered and up to speed. As usual, in the summer, revising lists, overdue evaluations from teachers and supervisors dribbling in, and the usual summer projects (scanning and shredding old files). Not calm yet.

My new intern is a peach: pleasant and willing to work. I'm pleased, as I interviewed and hired her over the phone.

My fandom for Amitabh has cooled a bit. He can be pretty pompous, and very withholding about his present work. Plus he failed to send any good wishes about my health scare, although other EF did. He plays favorites and can be downright boring. His movies are still great, though.

My interest in Twitter is fading a bit, too. Not much time for it.

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