Monday, December 27, 2010

snow day! snow day! snow day!

Can't figure out what to do first:  jewelry, movie, book?  I did start making some new jewelry this weekend.  One of the women at work asked for some earrings in purple, so I made some wild-ass amethyst earrings.  I put an amethyst chip on a headpin, made two more, and wired them to the end loop of some chain, then did that twice more -- so I had three clusters of three chips each on one loop.  Then I continued attaching clusters and different sizes of amethyst up the chain, and then decided to work on some 4mm Swarovskis in smoked topaz AB2x, which somehow had a slightly purple flash and really worked with the amethyst.  It's for a woman in QC who came up to me and said she'd heard I made jewelry, could I make something purple for her?  Only a handful of people there know that I make jewelry.  Most of the people who work there are not jewelry fiends.  A few of them are, and a few appreciate nice stones and beads.  But most of the women there wear plain old hoop earrings and what I like to call "mall jewelry," meaning those little gold hearts half studded with tiny diamonds, and similar things that look like the mass-produced pieces you find at Zales or Kay.  Honestly, I hate that stuff even more than I hate cheap plastic or other cheap non-precious flashy earrings.

I'm also working on another of my "fringe" necklaces.  This is larger stones wire-wrapped together, with smaller stones dangled from the wire-wrap looks.  It's one of my signature styles, sometimes in a Y-necklace and sometimes in a plain round one.  I wore one to my interview at Dweck, one with a lot of brownish jaspers.  I wore it about a week ago and Stephen complimented me on it.  It was the first time he did so, and even though I didn't really say anything to anyone else, I was kind of over the moon.  I had kind of been waiting for him to say something about something I wore.

The new fringe necklace is in wintery blues, kind of new for me. I usually use a lot of autumn oranges and yellows in the cold weather.  But this one has some blueish jasper and agate and frosted rock crystal and demin lapis, and I think the fringe will be mostly amazonite rondels and maybe some smaller rock crystal with a few accents of peach aventurine.  We're going to Jannah's on Friday and I'm hoping to finish this and make another one in yellows and golds (I have some nice gold rutilated quartz), and let her choose the one she likes.  (She already has a lot of my orange and yellow pieces, since she loves those colors.)

Let the lazy day begin.

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