Monday, September 13, 2010

ready for cooler weather

I have my jewelry table all set up and ready for action, which mostly just entailed getting a new lamp.  It's just been too hot to sit anywhere in the living room that isn't in the direct stream of the air conditioner.  Actually, the computer isn't, but I can sit here for about an hour at a time.  But when I make jewelry, between the lamp and the intensity of the work, I sometimes sweat even when it's not terribly hot.

It's already getting cooler...I have to go out to the city, and am wearing jeans for the first time in a long while.

I have done most of the restoration of my hard drive, except for my Firefox bookmarks and my e-mail messages (I did get the e-mail address book, which was a relief). 

No word yet from the collectibles place -- I figure I'll hear by Wednesday, or not at all.  Fingers crossed.

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