Friday, March 12, 2010

very gloomy day

Even though the days are warming and Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend, I am feeling glum. I keep dreaming about vacations, new neighborhoods, new apartments, new jobs, college campuses, concerts, new boyfriends, and having a trim figure for which I can buy a lot of clothes. All of these good things in the dreams tend to get hampered by transportation difficulties: no car, no driver, no bus schedule, missing trains and planes, odd subway changes, and the like.

The dental saga continues. My dentist is very precise about fitting bridges so yesterday he took off my temps, did a fitting on the permanents, and replaced the temps. I like the bridges but almost cried when he removed the temp from my lower center: the teeth on either side of the missing tooth were filed down to ugly nubs to accommodate the bridge. But an implant would have been way too expensive. As it is, the two bridges will cost a total of $2,400, which I'm told is a good price (two three-tooth bridges). The dentist is a nice, oldish Syrian Jew (lots of them in this neighborhood). Barry always comes with me and the dentist likes that, tells me I have a good husband. The dentist has asked several times if we keep kosher and keep the Sabbath and so on. He wears a yarmulke. I guess he figures it's a waste for such a nice Jewish couple not to be more observant. I have always refrained from telling him that Barry's love affair with pork would be problem number one.

On Monday, we're supposed to go to a Dan Lynch's alumni memorial tribute gig for Karola Herry. Dan Lynch's was a blues bar where many of us, including yours truly, hung out and played for many years, until its closing in 1996 or 97. It was a really divey place, more so as the years went on, but some really excellent musicians passed through there, like The Holmes Brothers and Bill Perry and Larry Johnson and Jon Paris and Popa Chubby. (If any of you are blues fans, yes, I know or knew all of them.) Karola was a manager and bartender there, a big sunny German woman well-liked by most. Not me, though. I had a boyfriend for about a year who was a performer at Lynch's, and I later found that Karola was sleeping with him whenever she felt like it, and making no secret of it. The boyfriend did fess up and apologize (they'd been involved on and off for many years), but she never did. Anyway, she ended up selling real estate in Florida and recently died at 65.

There was a Lynch's alumni Haiti benefit about a month back but I wasn't up to going; Barry did. I will probably go Monday because there are a lot of people I want to see, not because I had any great love for Karola. Of course, the ex-boyfriend in question wasn't at the last gig but will be at this one...I think it's about 13 years since I saw him last. He was the last guy I was serious about before Barry -- I also thought he was serious about me, which I think he was at times, but it sure wasn't anything like 100%.

The Lynch alumni, like so many groups, came together on Facebook. I am supposed to go to a party with my high school graduating class next month; also a Facebook thing. It's kind of hard to escape these days. With a lot of the old friends, a few messages was enough. Others seem to interest me more than I interest them.

I think I have two people following this blog via Blogger but I keep getting SiteMeter reports that no one is reading this. That's OK -- it's mostly for me anyway.

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  1. I've been reading your blog for a while, and it sames strange that we live such parallel lives. I'm 50, am dealing with severe dental issues due to the fact that I am terribly dental phobic, have a wonderful husband who adores me, and have cats.

    I suffer from depression, am medicated now to a greater or lesser effectiveness, but find it terribly difficult to leave the house. Fortunately, I work at home.

    I have gone through periods that the postman has caused panic attacks as had the ringing of the phone.

    But what struck me as completely odd, was that I spent summers as a teenager down the road from Floradan Lodge, and while I didn't go to day camp there, I had a friend who did.

    6 degrees of separation?

    I'm remaining anonymous for now. I hope you don't mind.