Friday, March 19, 2010


It seems like a few people are actually reading or have read this blog, even though my Sitemeter continues to come up all zeroes. Well, enjoy reading, and tell your friends.

It was really amazing to hear from someone who, besides having a lot of other similarities to me, used to summer near Floradan Lodge, where I went to day camp. The Floradan days will be covered more completely in my memo, but I remembered one thing about that colony today: there was a family named Snowden, Irish Catholic to the best of my knowledge, who had something like 9 or 11 kids -- all with flaming red hair. We also had a couple of Handwerkers who were related in some way to the family that started Nathan's Famous. I do hope to hear from more Floradan and Laur-Lee and Mohigan Woodlands people, since I've pretty much lost touch with everyone. (To the couple of Woodlands people who contacted me via a prior blog: I had a computer crash since then and lost your e-mail addresses and other contact info. PLEASE resend!)

Our plumbing is finally fixed, which is a great relief, though the sink is without its stopper. But not only is the sink leak fixed and the tub drain unclogged, it's really, really clean. I see a long shower in my near future.

I'm watching Elizabeth R with Glenda Jackson on Netflix. It's from 1971, so maybe I saw bits and pieces when it was on Masterpiece Theater. I'm enjoying it so far; she was great back then.

For no reason I can determine at this point, my friend Scott sent me the sheet music to "See the USA in Your Chevrolet." He's an old friend I met online and in person once or twice, and usually I get holiday cards from him and a few e-mails a year. (Every time I do, my husband makes suspicious faces and asks about him, and I tell him the same thing, over and over.) Maybe I can learn to play it on uke, if I ever do learn to play that thing.


  1. Glad to hear about your plumbing resolution. Long, hot showers are some of the finer things in life. I'm your anonymous reader. You might want to check out my blog:

  2. I just read through several of your blog entries, Rnite, and we have lots and lots in common. Like I was diagnosed with Type 2 about 3 years ago. Also, you mentioned Kings Highway, which is the area I moved to when I married my husband, and Oneonta, which is near Binghamton, where I lived for five years! And the medical stuff, ever the medical stuff. I also liked what you said about generally having one extremely close friend in addition to your husband, and I had one of those I had to let go about a year or so ago; he was in my life for over thirty years and my other significant other for about ten.