Tuesday, July 23, 2013

he's the coolest

Raghu Dixit is playing in New York on Thursday, but it's a bad week and we don't have money for tickets. So even though it's been a while since I tweeted him (I'm rarely on Twitter of late), I tweeted him and asked if he could comp us:

@Raghu_Dixit Dying to see you on Thursday but we are flat broke. Any chance we can get on the guest list? My husb and I loved the Sept show! - 24 Jul

@JennLevyBKLYN Sure thing! @GauravVaz kindly do the needful please. - 24 Jul

@Raghu_Dixit @JennLevyBKLYN - oops I meant 25th!

Honestly, do they come any nicer?

And any of you in New York - do come see him at SOBs on Thursday night!

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