Monday, July 18, 2011

Tamsir comes home

The new computer, named Tamsir (as promised), is home and we're trying to get up to speed -- or rather, I am.  Right now, I hate Windows 7 more than I could possible imagine, but maybe I need to learn it better.  It's absolutely NOT intuitive and its functions are very difficult to match to similar functions in Windows XP.  On the top of that, the file restore from Mozy is long and complicated and I have no idea where it's storing things or where I'll have to move them.  But I do have my anti-virus set up, did download WinRar and various forms of Java I need for various things.  It seems nice and fast and crisp, for the most part.

But I hate the length of time that the restore is taking and the incredibly confusing setup of the File Manager or whatever they're calling it now.  It's made me wonder about things like Linux or Opera or even a Mac.

The other thing is it cost a lot more than I'd anticipated, which means as broke as we were the past couple of weeks, we'll be that broke for a month.  This makes me dreadfully unhappy.

I'm going for intake on Wednesday at a sliding-scale clinic recommended by someone here.  There's stuff going on besides my chemicals, although my chemicals are none too good either.  Easy does it.

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