Tuesday, May 3, 2011

and by the way...

Japan - horrible
Alabama et al - also horrible
Royal Wedding - who the fuck cares?
Killing Osama - I can't believe it took ten years, but I'm glad it happened on O-Dog's watch.
Feeling old - I have a cell phone, an e-reader, an mp3 player, and a computer with internet access.  Younger people have one thing that replaces ALL of these.
Feeling old pt 2 - I seem to have a touch of arthritis in my right hand.  WTF?
Work - complicated but I'm learning fast.  I'm way more professional than the last two people who had the job. There's a lot of work but the atmosphere is about as laid-back as you can get and still be professional.  I adore my two bosses, who are kind of my age and kind of dress like me (loose tunic and jacket and pants kinds of things).  And they're just plain kind.

Vacay - well, not quite a vacation, but we are going to Jannah's for Memorial Day weekend.  I love the small-town parade there, and her new/refurbished cabin cruiser may be on the water already.
Money - not rich, but we got some.

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