Monday, April 18, 2011

it's de-friendly

I posted these two things on Facebook this morning:
If someone who's around only in good times is a "fair-weather friend," is someone who's only around when you can do something for them a "fair-use friend"?
Along the same lines...if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then the friend of my enemy gets unfriended.
 This owes to the fact that occasionally, one of my Facebook friends publishes something good about V., or even posts some of his work, and I unfriend that person right away.  By this time, it shouldn't bother me, but it really does burn me up that someone who is such a user and so unfeeling is still fooling so many people.
Conversely, I had a message on Facebook from an acquaintance I hadn't seen for a while,  who said he'd never liked V. and mentioned V.'s "ego."  This guy's only ever spent a very little time with V., and he gets it.  
(Blogger has just decided to bold certain things, and refuses to unbold them.  Oh, there, finally got the bold off.  Considering that I only do very simple things with Blogger, it's often way more difficult than it ought to be.)
V. has been out of my life for well over two years, and almost entirely out of my thoughts, but I still hate hearing about him, especially anything good ...actually, I don't mind occasionally hearing someone badmouth him, because it's somewhat rare.  I've put aside a lot of people, places and things (as the expression goes) to avoid seeing or hearing about him.  Had to do it once before with a bad ex-boyfriend, because I couldn't seem to get over him if I heard about him at all.  I'm over V., but the anger still boils up.  Being fooled by someone for 30+ years will do that to a person.
Not much else going on except to report a good first week at home and the luxury of being off today for Passover.  After a week, I think the only thing that may bother me at the job is the small windowless room I work in.
One of the  things I like on Facebook is occasionally checking the mutual friends function, seeing people with whom I have friends in common.  I'm never surprised about anyone in blues, because Barry and I both have a lot of contacts in the area.  But I have a friend in common with Ellen Burstyn, which has nothing to do with Penguin (though I did see her at an awards function we both attended in connection with Penguin, which published her autobiography).  The mutual friend we have is a musician Barry used to play with, who also does some acting.
I have four friends in common with David Peel, but nine with May Pang.  Go fig.

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