Saturday, January 15, 2011

testing, one, two, three

I may have mentioned that my doctor recently found that I had high liver enzymes, which he attributed to one of my diabetes meds, metformin.  He wanted to put me on another med instead, but there's no generic and even with pharmacy insurance, would have run $250 a month.  So I won't be taking that, but I have to be very careful about my blood sugar. 

I knew that my blood sugar was probably pretty bad, as I'd been pretty bad over the summer, though I've recently improved some.  I know that the only way to keep myself honest is to test once a day.  And I hadn't used my meter in so long that the batteries had leaked and I had to throw it out.

We checked with our pharmacy insurance to see if they covered a meter and strips, which they don't.  But the woman from the pharmacy plan recommended a website called Hocks.  Their stuff is super cheap, which is important because I can easily go through most or all of a jar of 50 strips in a month.  I ended up with a brand called Acura.  The meter cost $11 but most important, the strips are $18 for 50.  A lot of strips are $50-60 for 50.  The meter is very easy to use and a lot more modern than the one I had before.

This morning's number is 181.  This is not as high as I expected.  When my diabetes was first diagnosed, the reading was around 300.  However, it needs to come down.  I'd be happy with 90-120.  To be continued...

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