Friday, November 26, 2010


I subscribe to a music blog (actually, quite a few).  One of them describes the genre of each new release, and here's one I haven't heard before:  "shoegaze."  This makes me feel quite the old fart.  I do a reasonably good job of skimming current music and even finding some artists I like a lot.  I pretty much don't do dance, house, trance or any sort of metal, and light on the hip-hop.  But I do know what those types of music are.  "Shoegaze" is not familiar to me, and I am tempted to say something very old-fart like "lotsa that music makes me gaze at my shoes!"  Like, "I guess they call it Trance because it puts ya in one!"  (I picture myself as something like an old crusty farmer when say shit like that.)

Of course, I'll Google it and read about it on Wikipedia or whatever.  But it's somehow disturbing to hear a music term that rings nary a bell.

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