Saturday, October 9, 2010

celebrations have begun!

We went out for dim sum this morning.  Later I had a manicure. 

Alas, the IRS has "attacked" my bank account.  I'll have to try to call them on Monday.

Lily sent me a link today to this video, which doesn't seem to be embeddable, of Gary Jules and Curt Smith singing Mad World live.  Smith is the guy who sang it originally with Tears for Fears, but I'm afraid Jules (I like his version better) sings rings around Smith.  Tears for Fears is not a bad band, but a little too synth-y for my taste.

Since I will be much busier starting Monday, I expect not to do so much obsessing over TV shows.  Though I still do love Friday Night Lights and I still think Coach and Riggins are way cute.

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