Tuesday, July 13, 2010

things I found while looking for sunglasses

Last night, I was looking for a pair of old prescription sunglasses, since I haven't been able to afford a new pair, and even though the old ones are a slightly different prescription, they're close enough to work. I thought they might be in a small box I had, which I knew held a lot of my top-dresser-drawer flotsam from an older apartment (somehow it didn't end up in my top drawer after I moved). Here are some of the things I found:

A sterling silver Tiffany ballpoint pen, much in need of polishing. I worked briefly for a very classy lady named Pat Patterson in the early 80s, and had a birthday during that time. She gave me the pen for my birthday. I am very sorry I let Jack Warnecke hire me away from her, because he was not very nice and that job didn't last long.

Some fountain pens from my fountain pen days. Two Mont Blancs, a chrome one that my uncle gave me, and a 14K plated one that I bought myself. Two vintage pens, one a Waterman, that I bought at various flea markets and had intended to have repaired. I used to write my journals and letters by hand, lots and lots of writing, and I preferred a fountain pen.

A slip of paper where I wrote directions to Barry's apartment, the first time I ever visited him.

The receipt from our wedding rings. We didn't buy matching ones, and his cost twice as much as mine. We bought them at The Clay Pot, which I recommend highly for interesting wedding bands.

A number of skee-ball prize tickets from an arcade in Coney Island which may no longer exist. At some point, I'd like to have them laminated and put holes in them to use as charms or earring drops.

Some loose gemstones I bought from Home Shopping network, probably around 1990. Three small tanzanites, about ten even smaller madeira citrines, and some even tinier tsavorite garnets (green ones). I didn't make jewelry when I bought them, and I suppose I intended to have some pieces custom-made. I may use one of the tanzanites to replace a dinged star sapphire in an antique pendant I got as a gift some years back.

Old business cards of mine from WSKG in Binghamton and from true blues, the short-lived local magazine I founded and edited.

Old business cards from other people, mostly from the mid-90s. Arnie Goodman's card from Viceroy Records, Richard Rosenblatt's from Tone-Cool, Bill Perry's and Luther Allison's. Margey Peters' and Baron Raymonde's. Bill Sims'. Cards from various music managers and record label execs (from labels like Blind Pig and Black Top).

Two passes, 1995 and 1996, to get in free to Manny's Car Wash for the year.

My gold honors tassel from my NYU graduation.

All three of my NYU IDs -- two employee cards from my two stints working there, plus my student ID. Also a student ID from my high school.

Many extra buttons for various pieces of clothing.

Ticket stubs: Los Lobos, Los Lobos and Buddy Guy, Elvis Costello, Jonathan Richman, and Gary Lucas.

Barry's business cards from two jobs.

No prescription sunglasses, but a lot of good memories.

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