Thursday, July 22, 2010

Louie and the lube

Have I mentioned how much I love Louis C.K.?

I think he is clearly the outstanding standup comic working today. He tends to be fairly -- well, I think "vulgar" is the best way to put it -- but is somehow so nice and so mild that it isn't really offensive. I'm not sure how he manages it, but he's immensely skillful. I watch his standup, and every move and gesture is just perfect. The clip is from his half-hour sitcom on FX, which is called Louie, and he writes and directs it himself, so it's pure Louie. Plus it's actually filmed in New York -- the opening includes the West 4th Street subway station, Ben's Pizza on West 3rd, and the Comedy Cellar on MacDougal (with my old workplace, NYU Law School, in the background).

I have an interview tomorrow, due in large part to an amazing coincidence. I e-mailed a resume and cover for a job at a small book-and-web publisher, and it turns out the guy not only worked for Ken Siman at Tarcher/Penguin, but even won the Seth Barkas Writing Award at NYU (which I won in the late 80s). So this got me an interview at the Franklin Report. This is only my fourth interview in my recent employment effort (after the Jewish Yellow Pages, which I turned down because it was commission-based, and the two NYU interviews -- one job has been filled, and the other hasn't yet). It's a tiny office, but each person has to wear many hats, which could be interesting and fun.

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