Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm still here

A few quiet hours on a Sunday morning in Yardley, PA, while other goes about their Sunday committments. Weekend with Jannah. Slept beautifully on Friday night but had screaming insomnia last night. It's my second weekend away in a month - I was in the Poconos visiting Joyce two weekends ago, and will get some of those pictures up as soon as I can. Some are in my phone, and on my home computer. I think I need cloud storage at some point.

All of this time away makes me feel hopelessly behind on everything at home, things like jewelry and catching up with my various online pursuits (like this one). Still, it's nice to get away. Very peaceful at Joyce's; Jannah's is the usual whirlwind of visits and activities.

At home, I'm mesmerized by the TV, which is now hooked up to play from my computer and to access Netflix by wi-fi. And loving my new phone, which is fast enough to play streaming videos ad music. I like all of the intake, sucking in information.

Work is getting busy again - classes start tomorrow, as does the first of my two new interns. I hope thay adapt and stick. My winter term intern quit after a day. I hope I didn't overwhelm her...although this is the first time it's happened. Lots going on at work: big plans to reclaim the money from candidates who don't see Treatment Service patients. Could turn the financials around in a big way. I'm definitely more involved in fundraising and in the economic health of the institute. Coming up on my second year there (it'll be two years in April), I feel very locked in and live and die for the institute.

Mostly I used feel overwhelmed by too many projects: jewelry repair and commissions, trying to get enough new jewelry made to start on Etsy, and the urge (again) to start (finally) writing a novel. I'd like to take an online course. A lot to juggle. Here in Yardley, I see Jannah also juggling a lot, but totally different things. Homeowner life is very different.

Even with the huge media input, I'm still reading as usual. I finally decided to read Ringworld and found it too confusing.

So now that I have time and a computer at hand, everything has gone out of my head. Isn't it always like that?

So now tht

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