Monday, February 27, 2012

just not a restful weekend, just not a good Monday

It's like that, sometimes.

Didn't have time to share Oscar picks with friends, didn't have time to go online all weekend, didn't have a minute to sit still and relaxed and enjoy all weekend. I came home tied up in Pennsylvania knots and now I'm tied up in New York knows. At least I sold some jewelry this weekend, so I'm tied in knows with a little change in my pocket.A rare crappy day at work, and of course, a long one. This past weekend was supposed to big a big highlight for me, so here I am now without much to look forward to -- except coffee with old friend Bob Steiner tomorrow after work.

I know it could be worse...some of my best friends are going through dreadful things now. I help as I can, but I need help, too.

I finished reading Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology which was excellent. She seemed to have gotten at a whole mess of their secrets,although I'm still not clear about how they approach homosexuality and homosexual members. I used to hear that "they marry their gays off to each other." I just wonder about some of their highest profile members about whom there have been gay rumors (Tom Cruise, John Travolta).

Also read Susan Orlean's Rin Tin Tin, which I had been dying to read. She's such a marvelous writer. She does tend to put herself into the book, but it never overshadows the subject. I follow her on Twitter and I hope I'm not too stalker-ish. I really admire her.

I was away from the computer all weekend. Maybe this is why people have smartphones. But truly, I didn't miss much. A couple people did want to see my Oscar picks. I picked The Artist and Meryl Streep and George Clooney, so I got 2/3. Haven't seen a new Indian movie since Nanban.

I just feel shitty, really. I want a do-over on that weekend, just watching a movie or two and making some jewelry an emailing with a friend or two and sleeping in my own bed with my cats. And right now I feel tired, and have almost two hours to go before I can leave. Monday nights truly suck.

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