Monday, November 7, 2011

earworm and bookworm

I have certainly chammak challo'ed by way to an earworm.  Mostly I'm not that interested in listening to "filmi" music without the movie; it's usually the combination that grabs me.  (Oddly enough, it's the absolute opposite of the way I feel about American music -- I rarely watch music videos.)  But Chammak Challo stands on its own wonderfully, although the video is fantastic.

Someone on YouTube informed me that George Baker's "Little Green Bag" is a bag of marijuana.  Duh on me.

My "Amazon Associates" widget is now not working at all, here or home.  (I suppose I need to uninstall or reinstall it, but I have a lot of trouble doing anything with Blogger except writing.)  But I wanted to mention a truly amazing book Ive been reading:  Secret Historian: The life and times of Samuel Steward, professor, tattoo artist, and sexual renegade by Justin Spring.  I was initially intrigued by the title, since I'd never heard of Samuel Steward.  But it wasn't that I was somehow out of the loop -- Steward is something of a forgotten character, painstakingly researched and brought to life by the author.  He was a fascinating personality:  a closeted gay man who taught English literature and wrote poetry and scholarly books, met and became friendly with some of the great literary personalities of the 30s and 40s, kept meticulous records of his sexual contacts (many of which ended up in the Kinsey archives), and had quite a talent for drawing and painting.  After age 40, he took an abrupt turn, became a tattoo artist (this grew out of his taste for rough trade, particularly sailors), and eventually gave up university teaching to tattoo full-time.  He became the house tattoo artist for the Hell's Angels in the late 60s and early 70s.  After 15 years, he gave up tattooing, and became one of the early writers of openly published gay porn.  I've almost finished the book, and it's absolutely fascinating.  The author's quite a hero for discovering and putting together this amazing story.

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